Buying Commercial Real Estate In Paris

“Kathleen, my husband and I would like to spend the month of April 2013 in Paris to try it on for size. Do you have a real estate agency that you can recommend?”

–Deb S., United States


Hazan Immobilier, 145 rue St. Dominique, in the 7th arrondissement; tel. 33(0)1-53-59-59-53; website:

We met with Hazan agent Sandrine Bouvet during our most recent stay in Paris. We’re considering purchasing a (very) small apartment to use as a Paris office for the business, and Sandrine’s agency was advertising a couple of apartments that looked appropriate. She speaks good English, was very helpful, and followed up reliably.


“Kathleen, I am a consultant who needs higher internet bandwidth to work. That is, I need a stable source of 8MB/hour download and 1MB/hour upload. Which Central American countries would you consider have dependable providers at those rates?

“Always enjoy your e-mails. I skip 40 a day but always read every one of yours. Many thanks for sharing your clear and relevant insight!”

–Lance G., United States

That level of internet service is probably available in any urban area of any size in much of South America and probably Mexico. It’s also available in Panama but, to answer your question directly, you won’t find it in most of the rest of Central America. In Panama, you’d likely be looking at a commercial account.

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