Buying Property In Belize For Retirement

“Kathleen, I’ve made the decision to retire in Belize and will be travelling there mid-November. However, I would like to know what suggestions and advice you have for purchasing there. I’ve put down US$1,000 to hold a .54-acre lot. I plan to retire in 2028. Have I been too hasty in securing this lot prior to seeing it? It is refundable if I do not purchase after the tour is over.

“I’m 47, yet I don’t want to wait too late before I make a decision for my retirement location. I have 12+ prime earning years to go and want peace of mind I’m headed in the right direction.

“Looking forward to your response.”

-Robin S., United States

Belize is a good option for retirement and should be even better by the time you’re ready to retire. Property prices likely will be higher (maybe much higher) by that time, as well. If you know Belize is where you want to end up, buying today could be a smart move.

If you change your mind between now and the time you actually retire, you could always sell your lot, likely for more than you’re paying now. Again, could be a wise strategy.

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