Buying Property In Cali, Colombia

“Kathleen, I want to start off by saying I’m so impressed with your wealth of knowledge on travel and investments overseas that you shared in your recent Wall Street Journal report. I’m interested in investing in a small vacation home in Cali, Colombia. I have slight reservations because of drug-related issues. Would you say my first step should be to schedule a travel tour there first to see the area and talk to locals?”

–Connie J., United States

First, Cali, Colombia, is a great choice for where to think about investing in a piece of real estate right now. This city is the best bargain in Latin America according to the survey our editors carried out recently (and that I reported on in the Wall Street Journal article you reference).

Second, yes, if you’re considering such a purchase, the best next step would be to get on a plane and go see the city for yourself. This is true for anywhere you might be considering investing in real estate. In Cali, I think you’ll find that your concern over what presence the drug lords might still have is unnecessary. Cali today is a great place to spend time… as well as money.

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