Can I Find A Safe Short-Term Rental In Panama That’s On The Water?

“I’m thinking about renting a place in Panama for a month or two in the winter time. Is it possible to find a safe place that would not be downtown, best of all on the waterfront? I’m sure landlords would rather rent for six months or more, but I’m just wondering…”

–Yvonne W., United States

Coronado would likely be the kind of place you’re looking for. It’s located about an hour from Panama City and is built on the Pacific shore. You’d have no trouble finding rentals here. Panama City is also on the waterfront, and you’d find plenty of options there, too, literally a few feet from the shoreline.

A new law prevents home-owners from renting their properties short term. You can read more about that new law here.


“In response to the reader who asked about churches in Latin America…his best resource is foreign missions agencies who do work in various countries. Also, denominational churches have foreign missions departments in most Latin countries. We are going to a place with no church, so will be starting a bi-lingual one ourselves.”

–Mary Jane C., United States

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