Can You Import And Own A Firearm In Belize?

“Kathleen, are firearms legal in Belize? If so, are there any restrictions, such as pistol, rifle, assault rifle, or magazine capacity?

“If we decided to move to Belize permanently, how would we go about moving our currently owned firearms?”

–Joseph F., United States

Our local logistics expert Bob Stevens addressed this question for the group at the conference in Belize this week. As he explained:

“To import a firearm, you must obtain the required permit in advance, and you’ll need legal residency to get a permit. You’ll also need a reason for wanting to keep a gun that is more than ‘I want one.’ Say you want the firearm for security.

“Also note that you can’t have a firearm in this country that the Belize security forces have or use.”

For more information on importing a firearm (or anything) into Belize, you can contact Bob Stevens directly at


“Kathleen, in response to your ‘What’s The Point?’ article, no question. I agree with your thinking completely. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your writing.”

–Laura D., United States (for now)

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