Caribbean Bank Accounts

“Kathleen and Lief, I have learned a lot from reading you information the last few months. I plan on living in Ecuador come November. However, I would like to open a bank account elsewhere. (two flags) Would you suggest First Caribbean as a safe choice? I want to vacation in Jamaica in July and would like to open an account while there.

“Thanks again to both of you for sharing your life’s travels and experiences with us ‘infants’ in the living overseas arena!”

–Candace B., United States

First Caribbean has an international branch for foreigners in Barbados. You may not be able to open an account at the local branch in Jamaica unless you’re a resident or own property in that country.

As far as banks go, we’d say that First Caribbean is reliable. It is now owned by a big Canadian bank and probably as safe as most any other offshore bank you might consider.

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