Carnival In Barranquilla, Colombia

“Kathleen, I love it that you go for the truth rather than the ‘safe’ alternatives or the so-called conventional wisdom. For many years I have loved my visits to many areas of Mexico, in spite of the high corruption index and the drug wars. For beach-lovers, I know you are 100% correct that both foreigners and Mexicans love Puerto Vallarta for its charm, its comforts, as well as its safety, and have for many, many years.

“But I have a favor to ask on behalf of your many faithful followers who don’t chase the heat and the sun but who love city life and the stimulation and cultural advantages of major metropolises…

“Please request your local Mexican representative(s) to have a serious look at both Queretaro, where I’ve visited a couple of years ago and where I’ve been recently told by a resident that life remains very much like in Switzerland in terms of tranquility. This is, of course, counter-intuitive in the minds of many who only pay attention to the violent drug wars and the bad news from Mexico. But it should be noted that, even the latest U.S. State Department reports, which now are broken down by specific states or areas, confirm that many areas in Mexico, including PV, have no travel ‘warnings.’

“I will look forward to reading about your further findings for city-lovers like me with hopes that you can continue to report on new and interesting finds in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America.”

–Lee H., United States


“No, Kathleen, the older you get, the more inauthentic and extraneous North American conveniences seem. Better to be “los reales,” a la Hemingway”…

–James B., United States


“I hate to pour water on all the excitement about the beauty of Mexico…but I’m writing to you from Carnival in Barranquilla, Colombia, and it is awesome. It is beautiful, friendly, the weather is a perfect, 77 to 85 degrees with a 15 mph breeze…and it’s very safe! It has been going on since after Christmas but really gets into gear this Friday the 17th until Fat Tuesday the 21st. You and your readers would love it here!”

–Bob A., Colombia