Celebrating New Year In Colombia

“Kathleen, here in Colombia, sancocho is traditionally cooked in a big black kettle over a wood fire, right out in the street, from New Year’s day until Jan. 6, la fiesta de los tres reyes. Main ingredients, which are boiled for hours or days, are yucca, green plantain, and potatoes. When it is served, a chunk of roasted beef or roasted chicken is put in the large bowl for each guest. On the side or maybe served in the stew is corn on the cob, steamed rice with just a bit of melted lard, and capers!

“All the friends, family, and neighbors are out in the streets today, enjoying the day. It is a little warm, 84 degrees, high sky with puffy cloud angels. We are sipping the aguardiente and the beer with the sancocho. T-shirts for the men, but the women, as always, are very attractive, very admired.

“Happy new year from Colombia. Feliz año!

–Larry R., Colombia

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