Center For Medicare Portability’s Efforts To Make Medicare Benefits Portable Overseas

“Kathleen, I read one of your articles this morning on Yahoo, and I found my way to your website. I was interested in your perspective, since my parents are U.S. citizens who have retired in Germany. However, they’re 65+, and they’re realizing that Medicare doesn’t cover its patients outside of the United States. Scary news for baby boomers who want to retire overseas and who rely on Medicare! If you end up writing a piece about this slightly darker side of retiring abroad, please let me know, as my parents are more than happy to share what they’ve learned throughout this process.

“You may also be interested in a web series that I produce for them, Trippin’ Over 60, which chronicles their retirement abroad, their travels throughout Europe, and their renovation of a huge, historic house in eastern Germany (which they bought outright, so no mortgage to deal with). There are six episodes on YouTube right now. They also have a blog.

“At any rate, thank you for writing about living/retiring abroad…so many people write to my parents to say, ‘Wow! I wish I had the courage to do that!’ So it’s important to have great bloggers and expat-experts like you out there!”

–Amanda R., United States

Yes, the Medicare question is important. We’ve reported on it here. And we are supporting the efforts of the Center for Medicare Portability to try to make it possible for Americans overseas who qualify to take advantage of Medicare benefits.

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