“Cheap Bastard’s Guide”

“Kathleen, you come on so strong with an overabundance of information. You need to offer a ‘cheap bastard’s retirement guide’ (at least as an option).

“My hope is to leave all I can to my children, while still living safe, comfortable, and with dignity. This is not the first time I looked at retirement overseas. The first was in Baja, where they wanted to sell ludicrously priced houses. That discouraged me for years. Then I saw your site.”

–Bob R., United States

“Cheap Bastard’s Guide To Retirement Overseas”….got it. It’s on the list.


“Kathleen, I really enjoyed the article ‘How Boomers Are Saving The Economy.’

“I attended your Belize conference with my daughter Beth in June 2012. Say hello and best wishes to Lauren Williamson and Happy New Year to all your staff.”

–Tom A., United States

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