Choosing Where To Retire In Italy Or France


“Kathleen, lots of good information in your Overseas Property Alert from Lee Harrison, but in this week’s edition the square meters are off. Square footage is about 10 times square meters—that is, a 1,000-square-foot home is about 100 square meters. I think you divided by 3, which works for linear measurements, but not for square measurements.”

–Jurgen W., United States

Indeed. What can we say? Too much travel… too much wine… too many hours in the Panamanian sun. What were we thinking? Thanks for taking time to write in and point out our blunder.

To clarify precisely (in case you’d like to correct our math), 1 square meter is 10.76 square feet.


“Kathleen, please tell the guy who wrote not to get totally fixed on the Abruzzo but rather to go to Italy and travel around, because there are lots and lots of places which could suit him (Friuli, Veneto, Emilio-Romagna, Piemonte, Toscano, Lazio…), one more charming than the last. I lived in Florence for a year and would seriously consider Italy if I weren’t so gung-ho on France’s Basque Country (or Aquitaine or Charente… decisions! decisions!)…”

–Zoe Z., United States

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