Christmas Eve in Panama

“Kathleen, hubby and I were thinking about heading to Panama City for Christmas this year. I understand Christmas Eve is very festive. Do you think it is a good idea?”–Kelly and Woody E., United States

The December issue of my Panama Letter reports on Christmas in Panama. Yes, this is a great time to visit this country.

Here’s sneak peak at the Panama Letter feature:

The traditional Panamanian Christmas season kicks off on Dec. 8—the day of the Immaculate Conception. This also happens to be Mother’s Day every year and is an official holiday. The Statue of the Blessed Virgin is paraded through the city, followed by a crowd of children, some dressed as angels and many celebrating their First Communion.

During the following days and weeks nativities appear across the city. These nacimientos can be elaborate and often life-sized and are more important than the secular decorations you also see.

Christmas Eve is spent feasting, drinking, and partying, often in the streets, dancing with neighbors. Fireworks are set off at midnight, then it’s time to open presents…

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