City Living Versus Country Life In France And Colombia

“Kathleen, remember the old TV show ‘Green Acres’? A New York couple ditches the metropolitan life for farm living? Husband loves it, but wife (richly played by Ava Gabor) cannot stand it.

“That is my dilemma. My husband has been looking at your site (we are new subscribers) and has bought your book. I do not fear new languages or new cultures. But I would love to be able to go to Paris annually for Fashion Week, wear my clothes lovingly collected over the years, and feed my shoe fetish. Are there places for us that are cosmopolitan enough for me and ‘wide-open spaces’ for him?”

–Rebecca D., United States

French country living can be rural and wide-open. Though, to realize this lifestyle in France, you wouldn’t be within quick driving distance of Paris. You could be an easy-enough train ride away, though.

I’d also suggest you look at Medellin. Medellin is a rich, interesting city with shopping, festivals, museums, restaurants, etc. But less than an hour outside Medellin is all about wide-open spaces and beautiful green expanses of undeveloped countryside. Many residents of Medellin keep fincas just outside the city, where they spend weekends and holidays.

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