Comparing Investment Options And Lifestyle In Panama, Paris, Barcelona, And Ireland


“Kathleen, please have a bilingual proofreader check your writings when you include non-English words. Spanish words don’t end in ‘ita,’ except when a diminutive.

“‘Bribe’ is ‘mordida.’ A ‘little bribe’ would be ‘mordidita.’

“You used ‘mordita,’ which could be Italian or some other romance language but isn’t Spanish!”

–Mark J., United States

Noted… and appreciated. Thanks for taking time to write in to set us straight.


“Ms. Peddicord, I find you interestingly expressive and in large part respect your opinions, though I may well be something of an outlier. A few thoughts I have won’t likely change your approach, but the anomaly of a resident of Ireland moving to Panama may speak for itself.

“I have visited more than 50 countries, though don’t hold myself out as any expert. Yet, while for instance, Dublin has sophistication, Trinity, etc., Ireland strikes me, weather and all, as essentially being for the Irish only. On the other hand, while the remote beachfront properties of countries like Panama appeal aesthetically, most are culturally removed to the isle of boredom, and Panama City, while a central financial center, lacks any real sophistication.

“I visited Managua in early 2015, and it is a cultural backwater. While Granada has provincial historic appeal, it pales in comparison to a city like Cartagena. Paris is, of course, everything you say, and Barcelona, too. But your removal to Panama, for whatever reasons that escape me, can only diminish your luster.

“I offer this in a singular fashion, only because there are those of us who are not captured by the lowest cost of living in distant outposts.”

–Andy D., United States

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