Comparing The Cost Of Living

“Kathleen, you’re so right. The point is that Las Vegas may be cheaper, but you’ll never have that rich experience in LV that you can get overseas. My website is, but I always explain to people, ‘If it’s just about the money, you’ll never make it.’ You have to be willing to adapt. If you don’t, you’re missing out, because it’s in the effort to do as the Romans do that the fun and true adventure lies.”

–Paul Y., Costa Rica


“Kathleen, just read the article by Lief and have to agree. Compare apples to apples.

“The gentleman who said homes are cheaper in Las Vegas may be correct in one context, but he fails to mention the US$300 monthly air-conditioning bills during the summer when the temps reach 110 and higher on a regular basis. Plus the cost of living in Las Vegas is just getting higher.

“A friend and I frequently go out to dinner in Henderson, which is a Las Vegas suburb. For two people it normally costs us upwards of US$70. There are a lot more negatives I could mention about living in Las Vegas, but you get the point.

“Thanks for the e-letters. They are great. Keep ’em coming.”

–Paul R., United States

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