Connecting With Other Expats And Retirees Overseas

“Kathleen, this message is addressed to you and Lief Simon. This message is meant to compliment you for a job well done. Encouraging your readers to explore the world is an endeavor! Some are ready to go, others are timid and hesitant because it is difficult to cope with a new place, no matter how much you describe these beautiful countries. Fear of the unknown is real. Being forced to learn a new language in a short time is also scary.

“Besides U.S. and EU passports (I came from Rome), I am multilingual and have traveled extensively throughout NATO countries. Even though I have family in Europe, I debate where to go by myself.

“It would be fantastic if you would form groups to exchange ideas, communicate thoughts, etc. This thought came to me after reading the messages of Zoe W., Zoe Z., and others in your Mailbag section. Discussions among people like these would expand knowledge and be very helpful for me for one.

“Well, Kathleen what is your opinion?”

–Frank C., United States

I agree that connecting with others considering the same ideas, options, and opportunities overseas as you are goes a long way to making the experience the grand adventure you’re hoping it will be. The more real-world feedback you have access to, the more reduced your hassle and panic factors once you pull the trigger on your plan.

That’s the thinking and theory behind our Overseas Retirement Circle. This is a virtual community of Live and Invest Overseas readers who share their stories, discoveries, recommendations, cautions, and hard-won wisdom with each other and who also, sometimes, connect for travel, business, and investment. Want a travel companion for a trip to Southeast Asia? Need a roommate to share your expenses in Belize? Looking for a partner for a business or investment plan in Portugal? A fellow Overseas Retirement Circle member could be the perfect fit.

More details on becoming a member of this private group are here.

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