Cost Of Living In Retirement In Danang, Vietnam

“Kathleen, I always planned to retire in Nicaragua. I have traveled a lot in Central and South America. In 2010 I went to Vietnam on a 13-month work contract that turned into 30 months. When the job ended and I turned 64, I went back to Atlanta, Georgia, sold my home and everything else, left with two suitcases, felt good to be free of stuff and responsibilities.

“I now live in Da Nang. I have a better quality of life on much less money. I have met expats that live on as little US$500 a month. I went to the doctor two weeks ago with chest congestion. The doc visit and prescription was US$26, and I did not need an appointment.

“The United States is a great country, but there are better places to live.”

–Dennis M., Vietnam

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