Costa Rica Top Live Overseas Choice With Children

Costa Rica Top Live Overseas Choice With Children

“Kathleen, this is for your reader Richard R., looking for a place to relax and enjoy his young family for a while.

“I want to recommend Costa Rica.

“I am 67. I came to Costa Rica when I was 29. I’ve married here and have a daughter and a son.

“Richard stresses doctors and hospitals. I can assure him that all medical is easily up to U.S. standards and sometimes up to EU standards.

“As far as schools, there are many, private and English-speaking. You can find them on the web.

“Richard explains that he is a lawyer. I suggest that he talk with the local guild. He could practice here as long as he finds a Costa Rican lawyer in whose book everything can be written and notarized. He will find many who speak English.”

— Walter M., Costa Rica


“Kathleen, I live in the UK and travel much for work. I have to be in Singapore when your seminar is on this month, so, unfortunately, I can’t make it.

“Have you considered making a recording of the event?”

— Gill V., United Kingdom

We’ll miss you next week, dear reader. No, we won’t be recording our Live & Invest in Panama Conference, but we will be making some of the materials shared as part of the program available for readers like you who are unable to join us. Watch this space during our coverage of the live event for details.

Meantime, it’s not too late to join us. Five spots remain. Contact Conference Director Stephanie Valencia for details: 1-888-627-8834.

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