Crime And Safety In Costa Rica

“Kathleen, having lived in Panama, I’m wondering if Doug G. thought some of the black sand beaches were oil, versus trace minerals…”

–Bill M., United States


“Kathleen, I was in Costa Rica about three years ago, and I can’t get over the reports I read in some publications about this country. That’s why I was very happy to see your response to another reader’s question about Costa Rica recently.

“A friend of mine has an old bar about 2 miles from Flamingo Beach in the northwest of the country, in a residential area. As you know, all the houses here all have barred windows and doors, no glass. This is for a reason.

“The latest trick is to sneak up to your house and gas you in your bed and then pull the door out with a truck and go all through your house. You wake up a day later with a giant headache and everything of value missing. These people would steal Christ off the cross and come back for the nails. Things like this happen every day all over Costa Rica.

“One day I was there the beer truck came by. A guy threw a rock through the windshield, pulled the driver out of the cab, took his money, and shot back at him over his shoulder as he ran off. This was in a residential area right at the Flamingo Beach. One night we went to cook dinner and found that someone had stolen the propane tank.

“All expats living here have two dogs, and many keep guns. All the Canadians and Americans gather at the bar at night saying what a great place Costa Rica is then go home behind their barred windows, their two dogs, and their shotguns.

“I was there for about two weeks. I could go on and on. Costa Rica? No thanks.

“As a subscriber to your service, I urge you to keep up the good work and let’s tell the folks what it is really like in some of these places. I hope to see this in print.”

–Don P., United States

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