Crime And Safety In Latin America

“Kathleen, your sage answer to the woman worried about the safety of Belize was on the money. I have lived in Guatemala on and off since 1988, through wars, uprising, riots, hurricanes, tropical deluges, and reports of crime epidemics from the State Department, all which might daunt the timid.

“Having worked with the Department of Justice, among other agencies and private companies, I can tell you that the vast majority of the reports just aren’t close to reality. I lived in downtown Los Angeles the last years of my U.S. living, and even it was not as bad as reported in the news.

“The worst of times in Guatemala are better than the norm in most of the United States. Belize, Costa Rica, and the rest of Latin America are included in that analysis based upon being in those places. If you can’t do the work of investigating for yourself, you will never be willing to make the change. Life is like that: many talkers, few doers.”

–Richard E., Guatemala

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