Crime In Malaysia

“Kathleen, to the person who indicated that Kuala Lumpur is the murder capital of the world and so on, I want to say this:

“I lived and worked in Malaysia in a far more dangerous time than today. It became my second home.

“KL has been and still is a wonderful place to reside. Before making any judgment, go there, see for yourself, taste the food, talk to the vendors at their places of business. Go to Malacca, Port Dixon, Seremban, Langkawi, Kuantan, and so on. Then come back and talk about this wonderful country that is Malaysia.

“I read all your letters, Kathleen, on foreign travel and investment, and, as an old retired military person, enjoy them very much.”

— Larry L., United States


“I travel all over the world for business and pleasure and agree with your honest and straightforward talk about so-called violent cities.

“I recently went to Juarez on business. OK, midday, for a few hours, riding in a car with Mexican plates, but I did not feel unsafe.

“I was in Bangkok in January (before the Redshirt riots) and, again, felt very safe. I was in Bogota and Cali, Colombia, recently, and I travel to Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil. Not a problem.

“I could go on and on about where I go, but the point is that I agree with you. The news media hypes the situation, to fill columns and to sell newspapers (violence sells, we all know that). And the governments, of course, warn you just to cover their bottoms, as you said.

“Overwhelmingly, everywhere I go, all over the world, I meet nice, wonderful people of all races and creeds and feel generally safe.

“Keep on educating the unenlightened.”

— Danny S., United States

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