Crime In Malaysia

“Kathleen, Kuala Lumpur has the highest murder rate in the world. That is why I would not go there even if the dental work were free. Other than your recommendation of Malaysia, I find the e-mails interesting and helpful.”

— Jackie E., United States

In fact, according to this the United States has a greater murder rate than Malaysia.

The world’s most violent cities? Take a look here. Kuala Lumpur doesn’t make the cut (no pun intended).


“Kathleen, we’re planning to attend your Live & Invest In Panama Conference with our two kids, ages 3 and 6. Any suggestions for how to get a babysitter so we both can attend the sessions? Will there be any other couples with kids at the event?”

— Isabelle L., Spain

Years ago, at a conference we held in Panama, when our son Jackson was 2 or 3, we found a babysitter for him through the U.S. Embassy. Also, you might check with the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel where the event is being held. Typically, hotels keep lists of babysitters or babysitting services for guests’ reference. Our Conference Director Sofia Hogan will be happy to make inquiries on your behalf if you’d like. And, yes, a number of other attendees are also bringing their children with them to the event…including Lief and me. Jackson, now age 10, will be there as usual.

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