Crossing International Borders With Jewelry And Valuables

“Kathleen, we are about to move for good to Panama, and I just realized that my wife has a lot of gold jewelry and I have quite a few expensive watches.

“How do we take this on the flight with us without being questioned or labeled as robbers? Should a report be filed with U.S. customs or other organizations? We have entry visas as pensionados for Panama.

“Thank you for your help and all your great publications. We credit you with this final decision and the start of our new life in Panama!”

–Bernard R., Panama bound

Bring the jewelry and watches with you in your carry-on bag. That’s what we’ve done for each of our international relocations—simply carried valuables with us in our carry-ons. We’ve had no problem with security or customs on either end of any of these moves.

You have nothing to report to U.S. customs.

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