Delightful Istanbul Offers World-Class Health Care

“Kathleen, we’re delighted to hear you’re visiting Istanbul on your summer travels. It’s one of our favorite cities and we’ve visited many times over the years. We love Sultanahamet, the old city, with the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar and wonderful little restaurants along the street bordering the park with the Blue Mosque. Do try the restaurant on top of the And Hotel for dinner—as well as great food, it has wonderful views of the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Golden Horn all illuminated at night. We also recommend the seafood down in the fish market waterfront area— it’s hard to pick a bad restaurant there.

“From personal experience, we can tell you that the health care is fantastic—there are a couple of hospitals affiliated with top U.S. medical schools and hospitals. These take most U.S. health insurances and have an international patient center with a host of translators/facilitators to set up your visit and accompany you to translate if necessary—though most doctors speak excellent English.

“We look forward to the upcoming Retire Overseas Conference in Nashville and hope to be able to say hello in person to you and Lief there. In the meantime, have a great (and well-earned) vacation!”

— Tim and Elizabeth, United States

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