Dengue Fever In Nicaragua

“Kathleen, my question is for your Overseas Property Alert Editor Lee Harrison. I’d like to hear more about the fact he mentioned dengue fever in Nicaragua. Is it a regional thing in only one part of the country, or is it everywhere?

“Is it possible to fine small parcels, one or two acres in the mountains at least a couple or more thousand feet above sea level where the heat would be more moderate?

“I like Lee’s perspective as he is obviously familiar with construction and the DIY approach. What I’d like to do is build a small winter retreat, with bare essentials, where I could spend the winter and have a garden with a well and solar power if necessary.

“I enjoy your commentaries and find them very insightful. Thanks for any time you feel you can give to my queries.”

–Jack B., United States

Lee Harrison responds:

Dengue fever is an issue in Nicaragua. The capital of Managua leads the country in dengue cases, but that could be misleading. Many times, cases are reported in Managua, but the fever was actually contracted on the coast, at a weekend or vacation home. The only way to prevent dengue is to avoid being bitten by the mosquitos that carry it.

The question about cooler weather in Nicaragua is one that comes up frequently. For cooler climates and higher altitudes, try going inland to the towns of Estelí, Matagalpa, or Jinotega. Lake Apanás is a large lake (impoundment) near Jinotega, and a few expats have bought properties in that area.

If you don’t mind being well off the beaten gringo trail, this region would be a good place to build a winter retreat… without the dengue.

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