Dental Tourism In Latin America

“Kathleen, I am not yet a member but love to read your letters, especially the mailbags. I am single retired woman living on a limited income and reading the wonderful stories from you makes me realize that I have to move even though it is very scary to attempt this all by myself. I will do it.

“Now I am in need of good dental work abroad. My cost for implants here in United States is completely out of my price range and it makes it impossible to maintain good health here. Please could you help me find affordable solution abroad?”

–Val L., United States

Top medical tourism choices right now include Panama, Ecuador, and Colombia. Many friends have had great experiences in all three of these countries, including for dental work that cost as little as one-fifth what it would have cost to have had the same work accomplished in the United States.

P.S. Yes, a move overseas on your own can be intimidating. But I’ve known many dozens of single women of all ages who have done it… and who are today living lives they love in exotic, exciting, and, yes, affordable places across the globe. Yes, you can do it, too.

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