Detailed Budget For Retiring To Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

“Kathleen, is it possible for one person to live in Puerto Vallarta on US$1,600 a month, rent included and no car? Am I going to be too tight?”

–Jorge T., United States

Yes, that budget would work. It wouldn’t leave you with a whole lot of extra pocket money, but our budget for a couple in Puerto Vallarta shows a total monthly nut of US$1,600 at the current exchange rate, including US$700 for rent. Retiring in this beachside town solo, your food and entertainment expenses could be less than we indicate.

You can take a look at our budget for Puerto Vallarta and other key Mexican retirement options here.

We’ll share detailed budgets for every destination featured as part of the program we’ve planned for this year’s Retire Overseas Conference taking place Sept. 13–16 in Orlando.

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