Opening Bank Accounts Offshore

Alan, whose letter to the editor you published in a recent issue, may want to consider using his Schwab card for living expenses in Ecuador. Ecuadorian banks may charge a small fee, but, as he points out, Schwab charges nothing to use their card in that country.

“He could have his Social Security direct-deposited to an account in the United States and then draw out what he needs, as he needs it, in Ecuador with no fee via an ATM.

“Alan was also interested in diversifying into other currencies. For this, I’d consider an account with EverBank. That way he could move the money into other currencies without having to open accounts in various countries where he doesn’t otherwise have a presence.

“Note, though, that Everbank is a U.S. bank. So while, by having an account with Everbank, you can diversify currencies while still having FDIC insurance, you don’t get any sovereign advantage.”

–Lee Harrison, Latin America Correspondent


“Kathleen, I loved your article on learning Spanish and the helpful links you included, as well. Good job! Many thanks from this struggling Spanish student.”

–Arlean K., United States


“Kathleen, leaving Lief uncensored is the best thing you’ve ever done.

“I think he should run for President. People would love him…a wave of fresh air…some sanity.”

–D.R., United States

Lief printed out this and asked me to put it in his personnel file…for reference when he comes asking for a raise.

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