Diversifying Into Panama, Belize, Uruguay, And Singapore With The Help Of The Simon Letter

“Kathleen, my wife and I just returned from a recon trip to Panama, bought some real estate, and we are moving. Thank you and Lief both for your great advice that has made this possible. I want you to know that so many of us appreciate the fine job you both do. And as a dad it is my hope that Jackson will someday come to appreciate the incredible luck he had to be born into your family. Teach the little man well! I’m sure you will.

“Now, in addition to our move to Panama, we wish to diversify into gold storage (bullion and/ or coins) and are considering other jurisdictions for other investments, too, maybe Belize, Uruguay, or Singapore. And I am looking for specific recommendations for this kind of international investing. As far as real estate, I’ve just made my investment in Panama, but now I am interested in other kinds of opportunities.

“I am now wading through a backlog of e-mails from while we were in Panama and endeavoring to catch up. I see that I missed the bargain sign-up for the Simon Letter. This is the service I want. Can you guide us to how we can subscribe to it now that the offer is over?

“Again, thank you for all your past help and the best of good fortune and health for you and your family.”

–Charles & Juanita I., United States (on our way to Panama)

Yes, we recently ran a special promotion offer for Lief’s Simon Letter service that is now finished. However, because I so appreciate your e-mail, I’d like to make it possible not only for you but for any of your fellow readers who might be interested to subscribe to the Simon Letter now at the sale price even though the sale is over.

Go here now and use Coupon Code SLSPECIAL to place your Simon Letter subscription order. This special coupon will be valid for the next 48 hours.

Thank you again for your e-mail.

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