Do You Practice Expatriate Living Yourself?

“Kathleen, it looks to me that the people replying to my comments did not read my e-mail well. It is not about me. I lived by choice in four countries and have traveled in 20.

“In YouTube there are shown real life experiences which cannot be ignored.

“Sure, Kathleen, you have a few supporters who just like to comment without presenting facts. Of course you can publish only what supports your business. I never intended to provide any advice, just thought to many poor Americans who never traveled out of the USA. They could end up in a nightmare, not in the promise land.

“But, after all, you know everything and have a successful business.

“Good luck.”

–Oliver E., United States

“Kathleen, you’re clearly a globetrotter. In that you are enthusiastically marketing expatriate living, I’m curious to know where your base of operations (home) is. That is, do you practice expatriate living?”

–Richard C., United States

Right now, I’m living with my family in Panama City, Panama. Lief and I and our two children have been here five years now.

We moved to Panama City from Paris, where we lived and ran a business for four years.

Before Paris, we lived and ran a business in Waterford, Ireland. We were in Waterford for seven years. That’s where our son, Jack, was born.

Altogether, we’ve been living, raising a family, and building businesses outside the States for more than 16 years.

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