Downsides Of Living In Panama City

“Kathleen, I don’t agreed with all information about Panama. It does have advantages if you can survive los tranques (traffic jams) in the city. It takes forever to get around in the city. Traffic is hell and there is no respect, courtesy among drivers.

“Another problem is if you are not used to humidity, get ready to sweat. Electricity is expensive, and you better have air conditioning in your car and house. Food is expensive unless you live in the countryside. The private schools are good, but you’ve got to pay upfront to get your child enrolled.

“If you have the budget for it, you can live very well in Panama City, with maids, etc., but it is not for people on a small budget.”

–Edmond U., United States

We agree on all points. We don’t recommend Panama City as a bargain retirement choice but as a top option for entrepreneurs and investors. It’s also a land of opportunity for educated, English-speaking labor, which is in ever-increasing demand.

Panama’s capital city is a boomtown. It’s possible to live very comfortably here, as you suggest, but boomtowns come with downsides.

For budget living in this country, you need to look beyond Panama City to the interior and to certain points along Panama’s coasts.

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