Driving From The United States To Belize

“Kathleen and staff, my husband Gary and I have been traveling to Belize for the past two years. Last year we drove from Colorado through the coast of Mexico in our Jeep Grand Cherokee all the way to Belmopan, the capital city. We purchased land from a local on the Hummingbird Highway and will be returning in December to start construction on a house. Is there anything we can do at your live and invest conference in January to be of assistance or to share our experiences with your guest attendees? We, like you, avoid the tourist areas and live and play with the locals. I’d love to hear back from you and would love to be part of your event.”

–Jude B., Belize

Yes, we’d love to include you as part of our 2015 Live and Invest in Belize Conference program. Thanks very much for getting in touch. Conference Director Lauren Williamson is following up directly to talk through the details.

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