Driving In China

“Kathleen, this note is for your Correspondent Paul Terhorst, reporting these days from China.

“Paul, get over to Fujien province and the bucolic seaside city of Xiamin where honking is forbidden. This city, famed for its university, nearby islet of Gulang yu, and for being the closest mainland city to Taiwan, has ‘No Honking’ signs posted everywhere. And it works. Only one of many reasons I’d like to return and retire there.

“Don’tcha love China?”

–Gary P., United States


“Kathleen, I have been living in Chongqing, China, for the past six months and am getting ready to head back to Florida next week. This is my fourth trip to China, and I love it here. The food and beer are cheap, and the people are really friendly.

“It’s funny how we see things a little different as per the article from Paul Terhorst on cars honking. They do honk their horns a lot to warn other drivers of their presence. There are not many traffic laws, and those there are are not enforced. Whoever is in the lead has the right of way unless the other guy can squeeze him out. Paul is right. They can’t drive worth a darn. They tie red flags to their rear and sometimes their side mirrors. That is for good luck. They also pay more for a license plate with lucky numbers and to keep the number 4 off it (4 is a bad luck number).

“Well, keep up your good work. I like reading about the places you have gone. I think South America is where we will head next year.”

–Larry H., China

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