Dual Citizenship And Taxation

Our international tax attorney writes, in response to one of yesterday’s Mailbag postings:

“Kathleen, I notice this Mailbag follows your essay on getting a second passport. It’s worth noting that, even if this reader gave up his U.S. citizenship and acquired a foreign passport, he still would be required to file a tax return in the United States each year, because his income is from a U.S. pension.”


The most recent addition to our Panama-based staff, our new Customer Service Manager Karen Moseley, offers further feedback for another of our Mailbag postings in yesterday’s issue.

Karen, who recently moved to Panama City from North Carolina, has these words of encouragement for the “Single and Scared” reader who wrote yesterday:

“I know a little about how you feel, as I am close to your age (though I am married). My husband and I attended a Live and Invest in Panama Conference last year and finally made the move two months ago.

“Yes, it was a little scary coming to a foreign country, and I am sure that contemplating a move by yourself makes it even scarier. But attending a conference takes the fear out of the trip. Maybe you could find a friend who would be interested to come with you. If not, come by yourself. I’ll meet you there.

“These conferences are attended by many people in the same boat as you. They come from all over the United States Canada, Europe, etc. Some have money, and some do not, but all have the dream.

“We have our next conference here in Panama planned for Oct. 21-23.

“My mother is 80+-years-old and never traveled outside the United States until she was in her late 60s and widowed. Now we never know where she is!

“You are never too old to travel and never too old to consider the idea of moving to another country. I am looking forward to meeting you here in Panama in October!”