Earthquakes And Natural Disasters In Ecuador And Nicaragua

“Kathleen, I have just a comment to make regarding your best places to retire, live, and invest recommended countries.

“Country like Ecuador, Nicaragua, and other Central America countries are located in earthquake zones. And you still recommend those countries as the best places to retire?!

“People moving/living in those dangerous areas, where the natural disasters occur frequently, expose their life (old people may not be able even to respond to such situations) and retirement investments to total destruction.

“If you look in You Tube (do you have access to it?), there are plenty of people complaining of Cuenca, Ecuador, that the internet and telephone system do not work well, that the cost of moving/installation is huge, all electrical/electronic appliances are three times more expensive than in the United States, people urinate on the street curbs, the cars and buses use diesel gas, and the amount of pollution on the streets is terrible. Apartments and houses usually have no heating/air conditioning systems (and in the winter temperature gets to 46 F at night). The rentals are not that cheap (based on a real estate company info) etc., etc.

“After all, yes you can live in the tropical forest and share the forest food with the monkeys, and the cost of living will be close to nothing.

“You sell to the people a dream that can be extremely costly for who trusted you.

“Sure you don’t tell any stories about people that were very unhappy after they trust you and moved in one of these countries. I hope you got the message. Your credibility is on the line.

“Hoping this might help you in your future publications.”

–Oliver E., United States

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