Emergency Medical Insurance For Tourists In Panama

“Kathleen, on previous visits to Panama when we went through customs at Tocumen Airport we received a 30-day visitors emergency medical insurance form/card.

“Do you know if this emergency insurance is still available to visitors?”

–Eleanor L., United States

The 30-day medical insurance coverage for visitors to Panama was a great program; however, the Panama Tourism Authority recently decided not to renew the policy. Going forward, visitors must obtain their own insurance coverage or pay out of pocket for medical expenses.


“Kathleen, on a number of occasions I wanted to go to Belize for wintering. The only thing that stopped me was getting there and back.

“Looking at the schedules of ‘affordable’ flights between my residence in Montreal, Canada, and Belize is 24 hours, or more, in one direction, while flights to Mexico, Cuba, etc., are usually 5 hours or less. The cost of a ticket to Belize seem also higher.

“Do you have a clue how other Canadian visitors to the country are doing it?”

–Shalmon P., Canada

Our Canadian-born staff editor Matt Chilliak did a little research. He says:

“Here you go…8.5 hours total travel time for US$850, Montreal to Belize City.”

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