English-Language Schooling Options In Dominican Republic

“Kathleen, I’ve been a subscriber and reader of your publications for two-plus years. Thank you for opening my eyes to the rest of the world. I’ve been a 13-year expat in Indonesia, Nigeria, and New Zealand courtesy of a thriving oil and gas business. Now 60 and finding it hard to find my next assignment I’m wondering if I could make the move to permanent retirement. My question is this. Does the Dominican Republic offer many (any) English-language primary schools? We have an 8-year-old boy and getting him good schooling will be important.

“As a native of Houston, Texas, Central America has appeal as it’s easy to connect with three grown children all living in Texas. I would go back to Texas if need be but I worry about the high costs of health insurance, essential foods, and about everything else to be frank with you.

“Any thoughts?”

–Kevin R., Jakarta

Living in Las Terrenas, the region of the Dominican Republic that we recommend, you’d have good options for your son through high school, including a Montessori school run by an Italian lady named Suzi Belussi, the Las Terrenas International School run by Annette Schnyder, and Ecole Francaise Las Terrenas. Instruction in the first two would be in English. The French school is administered by the French Ministry of Education, and study is in French.

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