Establishing Residency In Nicaragua As A Pensionado

“Kathleen, I constantly read your mails and enjoy them a lot because you describe the things just as they are. I enjoy the piece you made on Nicaragua recently.

“Amazingly, I’m planning to go soon and start my retirement in Nicaragua. You see, in the 1960s, I left Haiti to study medicine in Leon, Nicaragua. I did my post-graduate studies in the United States, where I’m still working as a physician. My wife, a Nica, and I own a house in Managua, and this is where we’re aiming to retire. I heard that, as a couple, we can transport our household goods including vehicle to the country without paying a thing to customs. I wonder if that is true, and if it is, how you go about it to get a permit?

“Mrs. Kathleen, you’re doing a magnificent job with your emails. Keep up the good words.”

–Serge P., United States

Yes, you’ve heard correctly. Under Nicaragua’s pensionado program, you can import your household goods into the country, along with a car, duty-free. You should speak with an attorney in the country to confirm the details of the pensionado program and to help you begin the application process.

Or you could meet us in Managua Nov. 2-4 for our Live and Invest in Nicaragua Conference. We’ll cover all aspects of establishing residency in this country, as a pensionado or otherwise, as well as all other ideas and opportunities of interest in Nicaragua today.

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