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“Kathleen, you mentioned a European version. That is definitely something I would look forward to. For me U.S. tax related topics are not really interesting.

“I am enjoying your and Lief’s articles a lot. Keep going guys. There are followers out there.”

–Mitja Z., Romania


“Kathleen, after having spent 4 hours and 45 minutes this morning downloading the November issue of your Overseas Retirement Letter and another half-hour comparing the two, it appears that the only difference between the two is that one has embedded videos within it and the other one does not have embedded videos.

“That being the case, might I suggest that your email announcing each monthly issue, rather than saying ‘Go here to download this month’s issue’ plus ‘If you have trouble downloading the issue, please use this link to download,’ that you should instead say ‘Go here to download this month’s issue with embedded videos (73.9MB) and go here to download this month’s issue without embedded videos (9.2MB)’ with the two links.

“By explicitly informing your readers as to exactly the difference between what they’re going to get, depending upon which link they click, they will be able, for themselves, to make an informed decision as to exactly which one is right for them before they start the download process.

“Please appreciate the view from your subscriber’s point of view.”

–Rich L., United States

We do indeed appreciate the view from where you sit, dear subscriber, and we also appreciate your feedback. We’ll be taking your advice regarding the monthly issue alert for our Overseas Retirement Letter starting next month.

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