Expat Life In Medellin, Colombia

“Kathleen, I have only one disagreement with Jennifer’s assessment of Medellín, Colombia, in her recent Mailbag contribution–the part where she says, ‘I’m no expert.’ In fact, she is.

“She set her sights on a destination for her own reasons; attended a conference to get up to speed and make local contacts; tackled the language, learned the public transit system, and settled down to enjoy the city. After six weeks, she honestly took stock of what life was like in Medellín.

“After 10 years of such country visits, I couldn’t have scripted it better myself.

“Is her assessment ‘highly subjective,’ as she suggests? Of course it is. When evaluating a place to live abroad, government statistics and what’s written in the mainstream press are meaningless. An informed, subjective opinion based on firsthand experience is the only one that counts.”

–Lee Harrison, Latin America Correspondent, Uruguay

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