Expat Life In Melaque, Jalisco, Mexico

“Well, Kathleen, it happened almost purely by chance.

“My wife and I were living in San Diego, and my work with UCSD was all done. It was time to either move back to Canada or…

“That was 12 weeks ago.

“We had always promised ourselves to start our ‘Stuffless Tour of the World’ one day, soon. You know, travel, learn languages, immerse ourselves in new cultures, and really see the world from local un- touristy eyes.

“Then we were invited to visit friends in Ajijic, on Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico for a few weeks, and we were hooked.

“While we were there we were offered a six-month house-sit in Melaque, Jalisco.

“That was a month ago, and now we are more hooked. Now every morning I’m up early. I put the coffee on, and I’m down at the beach to watch the sun rise over the fishing boats in the bay.

“Maybe I’ll turn right and scramble over the rocks today. Or maybe stroll the other way along the golden beach.

“Either way by the time I’m heading home the night’s catch is on sale at the Fish Co-operative, and I’ll probably pick up some nice red snapper filets for tonight’s dinner.

“All this to say, it would be a pleasure to write some articles for you on our experiences down here. Let me know if you’d like some light-hearted observations from the warm heart of Mexico.”

–Cliff S., Mexico

We’d love to hear more. Write again soon.


“Kathleen, I’d like to respond to a recent Mailbag question you published, in which the reader said:

“‘My wife and I are eight years from retirement. We are looking for a location outside of the United States where the temperature ranges from 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, where there is ‘Old World’ ambiance, that is close to an international airport, that is a city with urban events, and where speaking only English is not a handicap. Got any ideas?’

“My response: Portugal.

“Portugal is in the news a lot lately as one of the ‘pigs’ of the EU, but they forget to say what a wonderful country it is, perfect weather, coastlines to die for, and sweet people.

“I bought a house there for my retirement in 2006. Best decision of my life!”

–Diane S., United States

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