Expat Life In Pau, Basque, France

“Kathleen, I am an Overseas Retirement Circle member who has been living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for more than seven years. I’ve grown tired of the heat, the humidity, and the stupidity.

“Muslim censorship is increasing. Several of my favorite websites are now blocked. In the movie ‘Forest Gump,’ they cut out the scene where Jinny tells Forest that she has AIDS…

“The retirement visa, the MM2H, is getting harder to get and to renew.

“I could go on, but, on a positive note, I will say that the medical care is excellent and low cost (75% less than in the United States) and that pharmacy drugs are about 50% cheaper than in the States (plus, you don’t need a prescription in most cases).

“So I’ve been looking carefully at your recommended places, and my first choice right now is southwest France. Second is Medellin, Colombia, and third is DaLat, Vietnam. At the end of April, I plan to visit Pau, France, and maybe Bayonne and Bordeaux.

“Do you have any contacts in Pau or information I could access?”

–Frank B., Malaysia

Pau, in France’s Basque region, is one of our top picks in this country for the would-be expat. Euro-Correspondent Lucy Culpepper has written a complete guide to living and retiring in this part of France that is available to you, as an Overseas Retirement Circle member, at no cost. Go to your website, www.OverseasRetirementCircle.com, to access and download the pdf.

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