Expat Life In Pedasi, Panama

“Kathleen, I enjoyed your article on Pedasi. Sounds great. I live on Roatan, which has been great, but, after 10 years, I am looking for a change. My concern with Pedasi is that it may be too hot and muggy. You mentioned breezy in your letter. How would the climate compare to Roatan?”

“Best of life!”

–Edward M., Honduras

I haven’t been to Roatan in years, but I’d say that Pedasi is less humid most of the year than Roatan. This part of the Azuero Peninsula is also drier than most of the rest of Panama. If you’ve enjoyed Roatan’s climate, I think you’d be very comfortable in Pedasi.


“Kathleen, we’ve been reading articles penned by you for the last 10½ years. Shortly after we started reading, we hopped a plane in Houston headed for a new job and new life in Kuwait. We’ve never looked back. We’re now on our seventh year in Abu Dhabi. But in another four months we’re outta here and headed for Pedasi, Panama.

“When we moved overseas, we found that not only could we tolerate the expat life, but we enjoyed and thrived on it! We came to the conclusion that we needed to sell the house in Houston; we weren’t moving back. We subscribed to your monthly newsletter and used that as one of our primary references for looking around the world for a place to retire.

“We finally reached the conclusion that Panama looked very promising. I won’t go into all the details of our numerous trips, but the bottom line is that we now have a beautiful piece of property near Playa Venao with a fantastic Pacific view. When we arrive there in November, then I really have to go to work–clear the land, find an architect, find a builder, etc.–so I don’t know if I will really be able to claim to be retired!

“After the long introduction above, the real reason I’m writing is to tell you how much I enjoyed your newsletter of June 24, with your review of Pedasi. This is just one more piece of the puzzle that leads us to believe we’ve made the right decision in a place to live. From our trips there, we already have a few friends, and I think we’ll be able to add greatly to the number.

“Thank you for introducing us to Panama. Your articles provided the spark to get us interested.”

–Robert S., United Arab Emirates

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