Expat Life In The Philippines

“Kathleen, enjoyed the article on Olongo Island, as this is coming to you from the Philippines, where we have property on Negros and in Surigao, facing the Pacific. The problem with Olongo is that it is Cebu price dependent and lies in a kind of typhoon alley, the Bohol Strait. There are other better, cheaper places in the Philippines I could write to you about. Sound good?”

–James B., Philippines

Sounds great. This is a part of the world we’d like to be able to cover regularly.


“Kathleen, I attended your Live and Invest in Colombia Conference held in Medellin last week and have stayed on. I’m just catching up on some of last week’s newsletters, and, in the one from Jan. 25, you mentioned a Medellin neighborhood. You wrote:

“‘Manhattan retro chic might be the best way to describe it. Running off a carefully maintained, nicely landscaped park, these few side-streets are lined with small colonial structures housing sushi restaurants, funky bars, contemporary art galleries, vintage clothing and furniture shops…’

“If possible, could you let me know what part of the city this is? I’d very much like to check it out while I’m here. Thanks!”

–Jennifer G., Colombia

It’s down the hill from El Poblado Park. Calle 9 west of Avenida El Poblado.

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