Expat Lifestyle In India

“Kathleen, my compliments for an interesting publication!

“I am an expat, currently in Odessa, Ukraine (lovely city, many opportunities, forget mainstream media’s motivated propaganda!).

“I see you recommend a lot of countries but skip India. Why so? OK, it is not paradise, but when I see what you recommend, I find India beats most of them on most counts.

“It has pristine beaches, highest mountains, densest jungles akin to Amazon, desert, large biodiversity next to maybe Brazil, very good medical and other facilities at 20% cost of U.K. with professional caliber of doctors almost at par with U.K. It’s an English-speaking democracy, very accepting of foreigners and all religions, natural organically grown vegetables and fruit. Other food and services are relatively very cheap, too.

“You can go skiing in summer and hang around the beach in winter. Living expenses outside metropolis (which I would anyway never recommend) will be US$1,000 to US$1,200 per month for good living in a rented house.

“So… why not India?!”

–Bharat K., Ukraine

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“Is it true that a residential property in India can be legally taken over by squatters if left vacant, even if only during a family vacation?

“This point was raised by an Indian doctor friend when asked why her whole family does not vacation together.”

— Carole P., United States

Intrepid Correspondent Paul Terhorst replies:

“I’m sure squatters can take over properties in India, although I don’t know the legal details. Remember that in Europe and Latin America, squatters have rights; as a practical matter, if someone gets into your home in Paris, say, it’s almost impossible to get him or her out.

“Remember, too, that India is a communist country. Unlike so many other countries, where communism was forced on the people, Indians vote for communists of their own free will. Or the Congress party, which amounts to the same thing. It’s a cinch Indians don’t respect property rights. “Live and Invest Overseas recommends against buying property in India.”