Expat Travel Adventures In Volcan, Panama

“Hello, everyone at Live and Invest Overseas! I’m alive and kicking and reporting in from the deep jungles of Panama. Not exactly roughing it, as I sip my piña colada in front of the roaring fire in the main lodge watching CSI. I drove here from Boquete, a well-known American enclave, kinda artsy fartsy and a no-go for my future residency plans. Few people speak Spanish there.

“Today I drove to David (pronounced Dah veed) on brand-new four-lane highway. Tell me they do not cater to Americanos! Then on to Concepcion and straight up thousands of feet in elevation to Volcan. Cool and to my liking but rough around the edges. ATVs, pickups, and scads of insane yellow taxis. Scenery is spectacular!

“Yesterday tried to drive farther to get to my planned destination and wound up driving nearly to Costa Rica. Road was two lane and new, but tailgaters and hairpin curves on a rain-soaked road with no turnaround in sight. After about 12 miles I saw no more traffic and was deep in the rainforest with little visibility due to the mist enveloping the mountains. Finally found a coffee processing plant and drove up and turned around. They smiled and waved, and I was off again. Found a policia and asked for directions, and he led me in his car to the Bambito lodge. How about that?

“Tomorrow I am invited to a thoroughbred farm for a tour and coffee meet. Amazing the luck I have when I get lost or strike up a conversation with a stranger. After the tour I have plans to visit an orchid farm famous for the Dracula orchid, very rare and amazing.

“Anyway, wanted to give a glimpse into my exotic travel adventures post-conference. Will try to find a way to send pics.”

–Suzi B., attendee at this month’s Offshore Summit in Panama City…now on the road in Panama


“Kathleen, I ordered your Offshore Summit kit back in August. Will I be receiving the new kit from your most recent Offshore conference this month as part of that purchase?”

–Betty T., United States

Indeed. As when you buy anything from us, you receive any updated or new editions for that product published within one year of your purchase. So sit tight. Your updated “Offshore Self Preservation Kit” will be on its way to you as soon as the recordings and other materials have been edited and finalized.

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