Facelifts And Other Cosmetic Surgery In Panama

“Kathleen, we are going to Panama for an extended stay and would like to get information on some doctors who do facelifts. Can you get back to us with any recommendations?”

–Haney W., United States

For these kinds of resources, we recommend AngloInfo. Take a look here.


“Kathleen, our son Jon is living in Medellin and prior to that was in Nicaragua. He loves Medellin. He was awarded a Rotary scholarship for graduate school and chose Medellin. He has become very involved in the Medellin community and has made many friends. He is now completely bilingual and has lived in Medellin for the past two years. We fear we may have lost him to the Southern Hemisphere for good.

“He forwarded an article from Wall Street Journal to us. If you have not seen it, you might be interested. We are toying with the idea of purchasing property there and really enjoy your articles on the city. We would have attended your seminar there in May but will be away on a cruise. Maybe the next one. We look forward to your future articles.

“Here is the WSJ article that Jon forwarded to us: http://online.wsj.com/ad/cityoftheyear.”

–Betsy and Mike T., United States

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