FBI Background Check Required For Residency Visa Applications Overseas

“Kathleen, for months you recommended buying in the Dominican Republic. Then we learn they were deporting many low-income people from there who were there illegally. Then you stopped recommending it so much. You also recommend many places like Nicaragua who have corrupt governments. Are you really serving your readers properly? To me, you lose credibility when you continue to recommend everywhere and anywhere.

“Take a stand and save your readers heartache when they make a huge mistake and move to the wrong place and lose their life savings.”

–Dave H., United States

The Dominican Republic remains one of our top recommendations and our preferred retirement and property investment option if the Caribbean is what you’re looking for. It will be among the 21 countries featured during our fast-approaching Retire Overseas Conference and one-day Retire Overseas Expo in Orlando.

We love Nicaragua, too. Speaking personally, Granada, Nicaragua, where I’ve been spending time for nearly 20 years, is one of my favorite places on earth. Again, Nicaragua will be among the countries of focus for this month’s goings-on in Orlando.


“Kathleen, love your stuff. Reading a lot now but will definitely check it out soon in person.

When you say you need to present an FBI report showing a clean police record, is that the same as what we know as a background check?”

–Helen R., United States

Yes, same thing. It’s a simple process to request the report, noting that it can take several weeks to be issued.

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