FBI Fingerprinting For Residency Visa Applications Overseas

“Kathleen, I am anxiously trying to move to Spain but am unable to obtain legible fingerprints, required for my residency visa application I have been ready to leave for three months, but my fingerprints have now been rejected twice as illegible. On the last set, I spent over an hour with an officer trying to obtain legible prints. Do you have suggestions for such incidents?

“I attended your conference in Orlando and read your e-mails but have not seen this subject addressed.

“Thank you.”

–Miriam D., United States

Unfortunately, we don’t have an easy answer for you. What you’re describing is not uncommon. Often, the first or even the first few sets are rejected. It has taken us as many as four tries to get acceptable, legible prints. You could try a different ink, a different FBI field office, or a different person at the field office where you’ve been trying.

Sometimes it’s possible to scan your fingers digitally. That can work better.

Good luck.

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