Feedback From Attendees At Last Week’s Live And Invest In Ecuador Conference

Feedback from attendees at last week’s Live and Invest in Ecuador Conference in Quito…

“You covered more subjects than I imagined and feel everything I was interested in was presented.”

Annie Rikel, United States


“More than met my expectations. Speakers were a wealth of valuable information; very specific to my needs.”

–Lorea Gervais, United States


“Good information on renting. Good to hear the perspective of an American but at the same time an Ecuadorian.”

–Angie DeLeal, United States


“Great to hear from a few expats that have stories about their experience from moving and retiring in Ecuador.”

–Keith Lindsay, Canada


“Lee is fantastic. He has found his niche. Made this program go. Am glad to have found you people. Will see you again soon.”

–Tom Woody, United States


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